Will every movie that IJNP has in Development be filmed and released?

When making a film, many pieces must come together. Therefore, each film is tentative until it receives a “green light”. Once IJNP gives a “green light” for a film it will definitely be made and released.

Who will make IJNP movies?

Our movies will be made by Christian producers inside and outside of Hollywood.  We will work with production companies with the appropriate genre and budget experience level for the given movie to achieve our goal of excellence on par with Hollywood.

Will IJNP work with for-profit companies?

IJNP will work alongside for-profit companies as long as our involvement fits our mission purposes. There are a number of ways that IJNP can be involved with a film. Films are frequently designed to be for-profit ventures by the production companies that we may work with. IJNP can work alongside these companies to bring money for the production, distribution or the ministry efforts surrounding the film. If IJNP provides money for production or distribution, IJNP will be considered an “investor” in the film, and as an investor, there is the possibility that there will be a financial return from the film. If that happens, since IJNP is a not-for-profit ministry, any money that is returned to us gets put directly back into our film fund to support other kingdom worthy projects.

What is the purpose of your “What We Believe” document?

Our “What We Believe” is IJNP’s Statement of Faith.  It is in place to help unify all who work with us on making movies.  It is especially important for those who will be involved in making detailed decisions on creative elements, such as approving or developing a script.  Hence, our Advisory Board, Board of Directors or employees must all agree with our Statement of Faith.

Can I audition for an acting role?

IJNP will be working with companies inside and outside of Hollywood who will be responsible for the casting. Since we will not be directly responsible for casting, we don’t accept resumes or head shots. However, if there are any casting calls or audition opportunities for IJNP members, we will let members know through the website and give you the necessary information so that you can be considered.

Will you hire freelance (editors, composers, sound editors,etc)?

IJNP will be working with a production team for each film and the needs for each film will vary. If there are opportunities for those with experience in editing, music, sound, etc. to apply for positions, we will alert IJNP followers through the website.