“IJNP has successfully orchestrated the first Flood-focused forum in the half century since the groundbreaking, 1961 publication of Whitcomb and Morris’ ‘The Genesis Flood’ which began the modern Creation-Science Movement. The online publication of the ‘Flood Science Review’ is the planting of a seed with as much, if not more, potential to result in a harvest that will also serve to reclaim science, renew faith, and restore truth in these last days.” (David Bassett)

For more than 20 years, I have wished that a knowledgeable review panel  would carefully evaluate the better-known flood theories.” (Dr. Walt Brown)

I want to thank Joe Bardwell for his wise, courageous, and persevering leadership of this undertaking. I am grateful for all the thoughtful and earnest time and effort the panel members and other authors invested in this endeavor.” (Dr. John Baumgardner)

“I thank Joe Bardwell, the reviewers, the other model builders for a lively forum conducted in a fair and logical way.” (Mike Oard)

My own has been refined and reformatted as a consequence of the academic and Biblical exercises taking place in this Flood Science Review.” (Dr. Carl Baugh)

“Thank you to Joe Bardwell and the IJNP team for hosting this Flood forum. This has been a phenomenal forum which will have a huge impact within the Creation community.” (Ian Juby)

“Science thrives when models compete!… I am thrilled with the unavoidable advance that Creation Science will gain through the IJNP process.” (Phillip Budd)

“I must say that participating in this groundbreaking event has been a pleasure and a challenge. It has caused me personally to inspect my own motives in my personal quest for truth… The Flood movie will provide an avenue to allow this to happen in a much more dramatic way. Continuing, Joe, I can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been to get to know you. Your dedication to the sharing of the Gospel to the ends of the Earth is obvious, and it is contagious as I have had the opportunity to speak to you via email, phone and in person.” (Raymound Strom)