A special thanks to all the participating authors.  The amount of work that went into this Review from its start to completion was very significant.  But for each of them, their effort in the Review is just the tip of an iceberg.  Each have been conducting research and developing their models and positions for decades.  Their ongoing body of work and participation in this Review speaks very highly of their dedication to Creation Science, Biblical Truth and our Lord Jesus.

Thank you to all our panelists.  All of the panelists involved were asked to go through an extensive selection process with no guarantee they would be selected.  They had to read and be tested on well over 1,000 pages of scientific materials.  Once selected to serve on our Panel, they reviewed four additional models, selecting two to be included in our Review.  Once our Review began, they were called on to ask relevant questions to each of our eight authors, while being aware of what the other panelists were asking,  and staying current on all the responses coming back from our authors.  I am very appreciative of all our Panelists hard work and it also speaks very highly of their dedication to Creation Science, Biblical Truth and our Lord Jesus.

Thank you to the donors of In Jesus’ Name Productions whose donations helped make this Review possible.

A special thank you to Dr. Walt Brown.  Dr. Brown helped convince me of the need for this Review and helped me greatly in how to structure the Review to be a “true peer review”.  Dr. Brown gave a considerable amount of time to help us formulate how the Panel Selection and Review process should be conducted.  In a letter to me on October 28, 2008, Dr. Brown stated:

“For more than 20 years, I have wished that a knowledgeable review panel would carefully evaluate the better-known flood theories. Organizations that should have conducted this evaluation have not, and key organizations that have advocated certain flood explanations have refused to participate.  A few individuals have tried to organize an evaluation, but failed miserably after much effort. Important lessons have been learned from those failures.

Harmony within the creation movement is not the goal.  The goal is to arrive at the explanation for the flood that best conforms with the scientific evidence and the Bible and answers centuries of questions and scoffing.  (Ironically, by not seeking this goal, disharmony has developed within the creation movement.)

Resolving scientific differences among individuals with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and interests can be challenging.  Flood theories are also difficult to compare and contrast because they cut across many disciplines.  Organizational and personal pride can become involved.  Some have asked me how a review panel might work, so over the years I have given the matter much thought.”