Dr. John Reed (Panelist I1)


Having earned BS and MS degrees in geology, Dr John K. Reed worked for six years for Sun Gas Company before returning to school for his PhD, also in geology. While there, he worked as a research professor before returning briefly to the oil industry. In 1992, he settled his family in Evans, Georgia, where he worked in the field of environmental geology. He is married with three children, and is an elder in the Presbyterian Church. Dr. Reed has been a member of the board of the Creation Research Society since 2002, and has served as the geology editor for the Creation Research Society Quarterly since 1998. He has written or edited eleven books and numerous articles about Biblical history and geology.

David V. Bassett (Panelist J1)


David V. Bassett was born in Biloxi, Mississippi (Keesler, Air Force Base), on October 19, 1962.  After graduating valedictorian in 1980, he went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Geology (UTEP) and a Master of Science in Geological Science (CPU), maintaining a 4.0 post-graduate academic record. He is a high-school science teacher by profession with over 25 years experience in Christian education and has been the Science Department Head of Ovilla Christian School (Ovilla, TX–south of Dallas) since March 1996. That same month, he joined the team of the Creation Evidence Museum, located on the bank of the Paluxy River in Glen Rose, Texas, where he has served as the Assistant to the Director, Dr. Carl E. Baugh. Mr. Bassett is a voting member of the Creation Research Society and is the current president of the Metroplex Institute of Origin Science for the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Dr. Mark Horstemeyer (Panelist K1)


Dr. Horstemeyer is a professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Mississippi State University (MSU) holding a Chair position for the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems in Computational Solid Mechanics. He has published over 250 journal articles, conference papers, books, and technical reports. He has won several awards (R&D; 100 Award, AFS Best Paper Award, Sandia Award for Excellence, SAE Teetor Award) and was a consultant for the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. He worked for Sandia National Labs for fifteen years before coming to MSU, where he has worked for the past seven years. He has advised 34 graduate students in his seven years at MSU in his work comprising multi-scale modeling of materials. He has recently started the Association for Christian Graduate Researchers ( for graduate research related to a Biblical basis. He is married to Barbara of 24 years and has two children, Christopher 14 years old and Nicole 9 years old.

Ian Juby (Panelist L1)


Ian Juby is the founder of Canada’s first Creation Museum, the traveling Creation Science Museum of Canada. He is also the founder and president of the International Creation Science SIG for Mensa members, and a member of Mensa himself. In 2007 he took on the presidency of Citizens for Origins Research and Education, in Ottawa, Ontario.

He has spent 18 years studying the origins debate, and has spoken on the subject for 14 years, including multiple appearances on national and international television. A methodical researcher, he has traveled extensively across North America to gain first-hand insight into the evidence pertaining to Creation and Evolution, with a strong interest in geology and geomorphology. Now in full-time Creation ministry, he spends much of his year devoted to sharing the Creation message and carrying on his first-hand research with experiments and field studies. He also consults for Creation Museums and builds museum displays, which can now be seen in eight different museums across North America.

Dr. Karl Duff (Panelist N1)



          – M.I.T. (B.S. ‘57, M.S. ‘64, ScD. ’66)


Active Duty (1958-1989)

          – Engineering Officer/Senior Watch Officer, U.S.S. Brown (DD-546)

          – 11 years development, Navy hydrofoils High Point (PCH-1)

          – Tucumcari (PGH-2), Plainview (AGEH-1) and U.S.S. Pegasus (PHM-1)

          – Naval Research and Development Unit, Vietnam

          – Systems Engineering, Naval Material Command

          – DARPA Stealth Ship Program Manager

          – Asst. Chief of Naval Research/Development

          – Force Architecture Manager, SPAWAR


Civic Activities

          – 27 years Scoutmaster; 15 years, District Committee, (32 years Chairman)

          –  Treasurer, Kitsap County Youth Protection Network

          – Board Member/Chairman, Youth for Christ

          – Board Member, Youth With a Mission

          – President, Alexandria, VA. Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship

          – 8 years Republican Central Committee (two years Chairman)

          – Campaign Chairman, (various county and state-wide offices)

          – Co-Founder, Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners, (3 years, President)

          – Kitsap County Freeholder (elected office)

          – Parks/Recreation Board (4 years )

          – Founder, Restoration Ranch Foundation


Publications – Numerous scientific, technical, program management, Scouting and mountaineering articles, plus six books.

Todd Styer (Panelist P1)

Todd Styer has been working in the fluid power industry for a Fortune 500 company for 17 years. Throughout his life, Todd has studied mainstream science, but beginning about 10 years ago he began heavily researching, and investigating evidence for a global Flood and all relevant fields that involve origins research. He now specializes in general scientific Biblical apologetics, but his primary focus has been on Flood geology.

Although he is very passionate about teaching Creation Science, he is even more passionate about researching relevant fields so that we can get the truth out about ancient human history. He has studied numerous fields of science (from genetics to geology) that pertain to origins research and has conducted both lab and field work. He has been a Creation Science instructor for over 4 years and has developed a comprehensive 3-year curriculum. He lives in Ohio with his wife and 2 young boys.

Todd graduated with honors from Ashland University with a Master of Business Administration in 2005 and from The University of Akron with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1995. He is a certified Hydraulics/Fluid Power Specialist and has spent more than 15 years developing his fluid power expertise.

Dr. Christopher Lyndon (Panelist S1)


Chris is a high school physics teacher with a PhD in experimental nuclear physics from William & Mary. His thesis experiment was an experiment at Los Alamos, and after getting his PhD he worked at Louisiana State University on the Super Collider (SSC). When that project was canceled in 1993, he began teaching high school and has continued doing so until the present, teaching physics, chemistry and computer science, including calculus-based AP Physics C and AP Chemistry.

Growing up, his father was a U.S. naval officer and consequently he traveled extensively, living in Spain and France as well as different locations in the United States. Chris has been interested in the subject of origins, intelligent design and Biblical Creationism since becoming a Christian is the early 1970’s.  He took a graduate level course in Relativity which included general relativity and cosmology in order to be able to appreciate better the new relativity-based cosmologies of Humphreys and Hartnett.

He has been active in the McLean Bible Church Creation Forum and has spoken at meetings at the church and at a science club at his high school. He lives in Centreville, Virginia.

Rob Thomson (Panelist U1)


Rob Thomson was born on September 10, 1965 in Toms River, NJ.  He grew up in Camden, NJ, Cincinnati, OH and Pittsburgh, PA.  By the grace of God through the blood of Jesus Christ he was born again May 3, 1974.  At the age of 17 he attended the University of Pennsylvania on an NROTC scholarship, graduating with a BSE in Chemical Engineering and receiving a Commission as an Ensign in the US Navy in 1987.  He spent the next 20 years in the Navy, mostly at sea aboard ships. During his time in the Navy he saw a great deal of God’s magnificent creation, spending time in the following countries: Mexico, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Israel, Kuwait, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea and Russia.  He also lived in Japan for six years.

In addition to his time at sea and visiting other countries, Rob also earned an MS in Applied Physics at the Naval Postgraduate School in 1999 with his thesis work entitled, “Experimental Damage Studies for a Free Electron Laser Weapon.”  As his final assignment in the Navy, he taught Physics at the US Naval Academy from 2004-2007 and was Associate Chairman of the Physics Department in 2006-2007.  Upon retirement from the Navy in September 2007 he took a position in the International Division of a Systems Engineering firm in Arlington, VA. He is active in his local church Apologetics Ministry, specializing in teaching believers the harmony of God’s Word and science as it pertains to the Creation and the Flood.  Also through the Apologetics Ministry he regularly engages unbelievers with a vigorous defense of the trustworthiness of the Bible when it touches on areas addressed by science.  In his spare time he enjoys reading and running – entering 5-6 races per year at distances between ten miles and the marathon.   He lives in Maryland with his wife and son.

Wayne Spencer (Panelist W1)


Wayne has a Master’s degree in Physics from Wichita State University in Wichita, KS (1994).  Currently Wayne works for a software company in Dallas, Texas as an Interface Support Engineer.  He has also been a secondary Christian School teacher and college level instructor.  Wayne has presented technical papers at the International Conference on Creationism.  He has authored articles published in Creation magazine, the Creation Research Society Quarterly, and the Journal of Creation.  Published papers relate to the solar system, extrasolar planets, Earth impacts, and Genesis.  Wayne publishes a newsletter called Creation Answers and maintains the website.

Raymond Strom (Panelist Z1)


Raymond Strom is currently President and owner of Calgary Rock and Materials Services Inc., established in 1998.  Early in his life, Ray understood that the farming he grew up with would not become his career.  In 1971, he earned his Chemistry Diploma, and then worked for ten years at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, where he acquired a diverse variety of technical skills.  In 1980, he joined Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Limited as a Geological Technical Specialist, working primarily in the area of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and eventually became Supervisor of the Canada lab operation.  In 1998, with the merging of Amoco Corporation with a larger multi-national company, the opportunity became available to establish an independent lab based on the Amoco laboratory precursor.  Ray has been interested in and involved in research associated with origins as well as current geology research on specific formations in the southwestern United States.  Ray is a member of the Geological Society of America and is also a board member of the Home School Legal Defense Association of Canada.  Ray and his wife, Lois, attend Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel Church in Calgary, Canada.

Selected Alternates

The following scientists were selected to be Alternate Panelists for our Flood Science Review.  They received all of the Review materials and were given access to all the Review discussions.  Hence, if a selected Panelist needed to step out of our Review, an Alternate would be ready and able to step in to replace him.

As it turned out, all of our selected Panelists remained engaged from the beginning of our Review until its completion.

Dr. Eugene Chaffin
          – PHD in Physics, Oklahoma State University, 1974
          – 20 years Board of Directors of the Creation Research Society
          – Editor, Creation Research Society Quarterly, 1994-1999
          – Physics Editor, Creation Research Society Quarterly, at present
          – One of the three Editors for the two volume RATE project
Dr. Raj Prabhu
           – PHD in Mechanical Engineering from Mississippi State University, 2009
          – Masters, Computational Engineering from Mississippi State, 2005
          – Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, IIT, Madras, India, 2000
          – Related Publication:
Prabhu, R., Horstemeyer, M.F., Brewer, W.H., 2008, “Ocean Current Velocities during Noah’s Flood”, Proceedings on the Sixth International Conference on Creationism.
M.E. Clark
            – Bachelors in Civil Engineering from University of Wisconsin, 1944
           –  Masters Theoretical/Applied Mechanics from University of Illinois, 1948
           – Professor of fluid mechanics at the University of Illinois for 44 years
Sadly, Professor Marlyn “M.E.” Clark passed away peacefully during this Review.  He was 88 years of age.
Professor Emeritus of fluid mechanics at the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, M.E. Clark was also a very active member of the creation research community.  Having excavated along the Paluxy river in Glen Rose, Texas for many years, the “Clark trail” (a trail of fossil human footprints found on the same layer and only a few meters away from dinosaur tracks) was named after him.
M.E. Clark co-authored a study with one of his former students, H.D. Voss, on the influence of tides during a global flood.  The influence of this paper, presented at the 2nd International Conference on Creationism could be seen in the comments of panelists and authors alike during this Review.

M.E. Clark was the senior member of the research team conducting experiments in flumes at the Creation Evidence Museum, a museum for which he has been a consultant since 1982.  The flumes are clear-walled machines that allow researchers to see the results of fluid flow and sediment deposition.

M.E. Clark was the president and co-founder of the Genesis Research Laboratory in Urbana.  The organization funded the construction of the rotary flume (now housed at Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas) and computer modeling studies of Noah’s flood.
M.E. Clark’s contributions to the creation community are far-reaching, and  he will be greatly missed.  He is survived by his wife Thelma, his son Bill, and daughter Becky Henderson.